It's the Holidays!!!  A great way to celebrate or acknowledge your special person, work associates, family or friends.  Why not something from Carol K, you know she likes to make 

sure everyone has something they will cherish.



Pictured: Buddy Lee sterling and turquoise fish bracelet

Rough cut diamond strands, Persian turquoise with rosecut diamond earrings, faceted natural color diamond 3 strand necklace and earrings $300 and up ..... CarolK

Morganites, labradorites, amazonite in single short, or long strands, shown with Andrea Lonjose Shirley carved animal

Single strands $50 and up, charm extra.....CarolK

Interested in Native American jewelry and artifacts ....see CarolK's other site.......

CarolK's sister website--Check a new site dedicated to Western and Native American jewelry and artifacts.  





CarolK likes personal contact: text 415-426-9883 or



While there are too many pieces in the collection for the website,Statment GalleryVintage Mexico, Everything Horse and Native American are just a few of her loves.


Follow the gallery headings to see her pieces.


Don't forget that CarolK welcomes working with your pieces that are just sitting around, restringing, or any other serivce that would get your jewelry into unique jewelry that you would wear. And all being personalized for you.


Contacting CarolK is easy. Each page has an area to ask question or just call her at 415-46-9883 or text, all prices available upon request, so don't be shy.




Thanks to owner of Thunder, Arabian horse, mascot of the Denver Broncos


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