What's in CarolK's Collection Now

Want Simple but Stylish?

Classic, interesting, just the right amount of glamour. Aquamarines with handmade shell clasp. Fitting at the base of the neck good for all necklines. See more on the statement gallery page.

The Saints...

Blessed mother of pearl, large, crucifix  with beads. perfect sentiment for your home and family. Vintage 1897 with pearl and crystal beads. Visit the Spiritus gallery to see more.


Ready for .......

Night or day dramatics, CarolK has it. Kingman turquoise carved cactus shape with genuine stones and sterling silver. Amentrine beads, all combined to make one statement! You know what's gorgeous...

Sterling choker

Unique, unusual, and wow! Sterling silver and abalone shell handmade. Great look for the 

open collar and round necklines, 

as well as strapless. This piece has 

a bracelet and pendant also. Statement Gallery.

Top Left:  22 strands of aquamarine beads with clasp. Top Right: Jerusalem 6" pictorial mother of pearl cross. Bottom left: Ametrines with carved Kingman turquoise pendant, genuine stones garnet and sapphire. Bottom right: Very unusual sterling silver and abalone shell choker. Other pieces to match.

Check out www.roosterrosegallery.com, a new site dedicated to Western and Native American jewelry and artifacts.  


The sister  site to CarolK!

Unique designer and collector of jewelry specializing in Native American, semi-precious stones, and one of a kind pieces.....



Achieving Piece of .....Jewelry


You've tried meditating - but it just gave you a headache and you keep  getting

distracted by thoughts of not meditating. Yogawould be great if only you could work

it into your busy schedule. Feng Shui so yesterday. And, living the life of a monk sounds

pretty darn drab when you start to think about wearing one of those scratchy, shapeless



Yet, something's gotta change - your life force is outta chi and a cup of chai is no longer giving you the recharge

you need.


Maybe what you really need for your peace of mind is a new piece of jewelry...CarolK dismisses the notion that

a person who enjoys pretty things is superficial. Beauty is practical because life is easier when surrounded by beauty.


CarolK gives personal attention to  her unique jewelry pieces, incorporating semi- precious stones, precious stones, sterling silver, gold and or repurposed materials.  


Remaining true to her passion as well as evolving over the years, CarolK's unique designs reach into many different styles, or you could say, CarolK likes to juxaposition new with old, complicated with simple.


'Jewelry for the confident woman,' is something that CarolK speaks about consistently and when you meet with her you will truly have an experience that you are that woman. That's what sets  CarolK from the crowd of jewelers, you can find your style working with CarolK. 


While there are too many pieces in the collection for the website,Statment GalleryVintage Mexico, Everything Horse and Native American are just a few of her loves.


Here's a sampling of her work: Statement gallery, Spiritual,Earrings, Bracelets Gallery, Exotics Gallery and Easy to Wear Designs Gallery, Rings and her new page Vintage Lockets and the Like


Don't forget that CarolK welcomes working with your pieces that are just sitting around, restringing, or any other serivce that would get your jewelry into unique jewelry that you would wear. And all being personalized for you.


Contacting CarolK is easy. Each page has an area to ask question or just call her at 415-296-7865, all prices available upon request, so don't be shy.




Thanks to owner of Thunder, Arabian horse, mascot of the Denver Broncos


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