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Top left: Sapphire and turquoise handmade pendant with sterling beads Botton Left: Native American "horse scene" sterling silver

shadow box with long sterling chain
 On the right: Vintage Native American turquoise and sterling squash blossom small necklace


Unique designer and collection of jewelry specializing in semi precious stones, vintage pieces, Native American and more...



And check out her blogs,http://www.carolk.com/blog/


Check out videos of Carol K and designs at this link https://youtu.be/Vz_jQJX0zXI - showing how to wear jewelry and here's on rings, click on the link:https://youtu.be/EicY4HdoOoY


Carol K believes in beauty, beauty in designs and  beauty in people.  Giving personal attention in each of  unique jewelry piece she makes or repurposes she  has ability to reach the  client's self expression. Shopping with Carol K is an experience of personal attention.


Remaining true to her passion as well as evolving over the years, Carol K’s  unique designs now reach into the western world Everything Horse as well as the Spiritual. Her collection of Native American and vintage Mexico  are her personal choices from over the years.  Known for her wild, and chaotic pieces, Carol K adores mixing various materials to produce her expressions, visit her Statement gallery to see her latest statement unique pieces.


Carol K began her love affair with unique jewelry by wearing her mother’s vintage turquoise and sterling jewelry at the early age of 6. Later she graduated to 14kt gold jewelry and genuine stone diamonds and has been active in the jewelry world for over 20 years. Nurturing a passion she has had for genuine stones and large bold pieces Carol K started designing unique jewelry pieces  “for the confident woman.”  Statement necklaces which everyone is obsessing with now, has been a staple for Carol K ranging from Vintage Swarovski crystal necklaces to repurposed designs using semiprecious stones, mother of pearl gambling chips and pendants which can be worn with long or shorter necklaces sterling silver and gold.


Bead stringing of vintage turquoise stones or other stones is a service that she offers, so don't neglect that broken piece, send it to Carol K.


Confused about what to wear with what? Check out Carol K's latest video on black stripes and black jewelry accessories.  Short video including necklaces from sterling silver, genuine stones, and design ideas.Here it is click on this link https://youtu.be/Vz_jQJX0zXI  Also coming will be rings,and just about everything jewelry wise you can imagine for great looks and easy wear!  Stay tuned.


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Carol K is a member of Craft .

Craft is an organization that empowers handmade products, made in America. While we know that not all stones or "made in America", Craft is dedicated to having jewelers included in handmade.








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