What's in CarolK's Collection Now

Want Simple but Stylish?

Check out the newest suede with semi-precious stones including Australian boulder opal, Burmese

jjade, sterling silver exotics, carved good luck horns. See it all at CarolK. 

Native? We love it!

Visit the Native American and turquoise page for vintage as well as contemporary artists, including Preston Monongye, Philander Begay, Betty Yellowhorse and lots more. Jewelry accessory for everyone.

Ready for Day or Evening...

Whether you are heading to that board meeting, a glass of wine with friends, or evening out  CarolK's collection of statement necklaces,  unique sterling silver  jewelry for the confident woman!

Vintage Italian

Vintage with a flair! Italian 

sterling silver, burnished,mesh

all hand woven.  Unusual. Set is complete with earrings, and 2 

bracelets.  Look in Statement


Top left: 100% silver with exotic leathers, amulet necklaces Top Right: Vintage Santo Domingo hummingbird necklace C 1950-1960

Bottom Left: Turquoise clasp wtih drusy quartz Bottom Right: Cowgirl pendant from US $1 coin, sterling, turquoise and copper

Check out www.roosterrosegallery.com, a new site dedicated to Western and Native American jewelry and artifacts.  


The sister  site to CarolK!

Unique designer and collector of jewelry specializing in Native American, semi-precious stones, and one of a kind pieces.....



CarolK gives personal attention in each of  her unique jewelry pieces, which incorporates semi- precious stones, precious stones, sterling silver, gold and or repurposed materials.  CarolK collects other designer artists who she 

knows or has interest in and loves sharing those pieces with her client.


Remaining true to her passion as well as evolving over the years, CarolK's unique designs reach into many

different styles, or you could say, CarolK likes to juxaposition new with old, complicated with simple.

CarolK known for her wild and chaotic pieces, and adores mixing various materials to produce her expressions

which resonate with her clients.


'Jewelry for the confident woman,' is something that Carol K speaks about consistently and when you meet with her you will truly have an experience that you are that woman.


While there are too many pieces in the collection for the website, Vintage Mexico, Everything Horse and Native American are just a few of her loves.

Here's a sampling of her work: Statement gallery, Spiritual,Earrings, Bracelets Gallery, Exotics Gallery and Easy to Wear Designs Gallery, Rings and

her new page Vintage Lockets and the Like


Don't forget that CarolK welcomes working with your pieces that are just sitting around, restringing, or any other serivce that would get

your jewelry into unique jewelry pieces and jewelry accessory.  And all being worn and personalized for you. 


Contacting CarolK is easy. Each page has an area to ask question or just call her at 415-296-7865.






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