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Top left: Heart shaped aquamarines cut stones  with 18kt white gold. Bottom left:18kt white gold with black and white diamonds braceelt
 On the right: 
Georgian-Persian turquoise, rose cut diamonds, seed pearls, gold


Unique designer and collection of jewelry specializing in semi precious stones, vintage pieces, Native American and more...



Carol K gives personal attention in each of  her unique jewelry pieces, which incorporates semi- precious stones, precious stones, sterling silver, gold and or repurposed materials.  Her collection of jewelry pieces are

who own as well as other designers she admires.


Remaining true to her passion as well as evolving over the years, Carol K's unique designs reach into many

different styles, or you could say, Carol K likes to juxaposition new with old, complicated with simple. Carol K

known for her wild and chaotic pieces, and adores mixing various materials to producer her expressions which

resonate with her clients.


'Jewelry for the confident woman,' is something that Carol K speaks about consistently and when you meet with her you will truly have an

experience that you are that woman.


While there are too many pieces in the collection for the website, here's a sampling of her work:Statement gallery,Everything Horse,Native American and vintage Mexico, Spiritual,Earrings, Bracelets Gallery, Exotics Gallery and Easy to Wear Designs Gallery, Rings.


Check out videos of Carol K and designs at this link https://youtu.be/Vz_jQJX0zXI - showing how to wear jewelry and here's on rings, click on the link:https://youtu.be/EicY4HdoOoY


Don't forget that Carol K welcomes working with your pieces that are just sitting around, restringing, or any other serivce that would get

your jewelry being worn by you! Unique, designer, and personalized for you.



Carol K is a member of Craft .

Craft is an organization that empowers handmade products, made in America. While we know that not all stones or "made in America", Craft is dedicated to having jewelers included in handmade.








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